We are a boutique haircare brand that prides itself on creating high-quality salon professional hair care products that restore & revitalize hair to beautiful condition. Our products are proudly made in the USA.



Our values are many, but these are the principles we live by:


Craftsmanship & Artistry

Our roots are in the salon professional tradition; We champion the hairdresser, while honoring & catering to our loyal clients. Each hairdresser is a craftsman & artist with a unique set of talents & skills. Our aim is to provide them with what they need to excel at their craft, thrive in their businesses & better serve their customers


Integrity of the Hair

Our products & services are designed to preserve the health, beauty & integrity of the hair. Whether damaged, dry, frizzy, or colored, our team of world class chemists have sourced an excellent array of botanicals, antioxidants, UV absorbers & protein complexes to restore your hair health, & bring it back to beautiful condition.


Catering to the Individual

We know everyone has a different hair-type, challenge & aspiration. With our unique products & blog tips, we hope to accommodate your specific situation, & help you create the hair looks you want.


Making Hair + Life Work – Practically

We make having gorgeous hair easy, practical & time efficient. We realize most of our clients cannot have their lifestyle revolve around their hair. So we provide easy & effective hair care products & styling tools to help you look great regardless of time, location or situation.